TV Thursday: You

Welcome to 2019’s first weekly entry! This is going to be about the TV shows I watch — kinda like a review or reaction about it, I was thinking I would write while watching and kinda “narrate” what’s happening. LOL why am I even trying to explain, let’s see how this will go, shall we?

So being stuck at home when all of my family are at work (and the other side of the world is asleep) made me and Netflix best friends over the holidays. I didn’t want to start on a new series though, so I just re-watched Season 1 of Grey’s Anatomy and re-watched some movies. I just didn’t want to watch something new because I know I’ll have a hard time absorbing it. But then this new Netflix series came out, titled YOU, starring Penn Badgley. I mean, Dan Humphrey aka Lonely Boy will always be my dream guy among the cast during its first 2 seasons, but I don’t know about the rest. LOL. ANYWAY, I started watching it and oh boy, I was HOOKED. I finished all episodes in two days!!! I didn’t want to leave the house at all. Haha!

If you haven’t watched it, STOP RIGHT HERE. I’m gonna be talking about the whole thing until the end, so better click out of you don’t want to be spoiled.

Anyway, YOU is basically about this bookstore manager named Joe who falls in love with Beck, a student taking her masters on writing at I-forgot-what-school. They meet at the bookstore, and Joe never let’s go of her ever since.

But see, Joe is not your average cute-hopeless-romantic-guy-who-reads. He’s a stalker, and a good one at that. Well, Beck’s not a bad stalkee either — she has ALL her profiles on public, windows wide open and everything. So oblivious of her surroundings (well aren’t we all sometimes), and just pretty much LETS Joe stalk her. He is also a murderer. That’s the most important part. Haha! So, I’m not gonna get into all the details. Beck’s Joe is a pretty decent guy, you’ll fall in love with him too, if you see what Beck sees. So that’s minus the murders and not respecting her privacy and all. If only Joe was a normal, legitimate nice guy, he would be a pretty good catch — but heeee cray!!!

Don’t even get me started on Beck. I didn’t like her from the start. No issue with her sleeping around, but why couldn’t she just keep it in her pants??? Everything would’ve been okay between her and Joe if she hadn’t cheated. Lol. And stop being such a drama queen. Sheesh.

So, let me list a few of my observations/random thoughts/favorite parts of this series based on GIFs:

That lame attempt of Joe trying to cover up Beck’s “disappearance” and all he could tell her friends was “She ghosted me,” and THEY BELIEVED HIM. WHUT???

That butt-clenching episode when you’re just wondering like… HOW DOES HE NOT GET CAUGHT???

Who else thinks Paco is going to be Joe Jr.?

Also, John Stamos as the therapist? I love it.

Peach Salinger. You either want to be her friend or you want to BE her. Shay did a good job portraying her, too. She’s a mix of caring, annoying and creepy.

Also, how can Joe stand not changing the damn carpet in the cage!!!

Okay, that’s all for now. I wanna re-watch it soon to get more details or understand it better. Haha. Overall, I loved it, I wish there’s Season 2!