Trying Out the McDonald's Philippines Secret Menu

I first heard about a McDonald's secret menu from a video making its rounds on Facebook -- but that was in the US. I watched the video and wished McDonald's here would have it as well, never thinking much about it after that.

Two nights ago, my best friends and I went out on a movie date and found ourselves hanging out at McDonald's after. One of them whipped out his phone and nonchalantly mentioned that we should try the new secret menu. I was skeptical about it, so I asked if it was legit. He said that it was and showed me the pictures. I wasn't hungry, the line was so long (at 1AM ha!) so I opted not to eat anything and completely forgot about it.

Just this morning though, I saw this article on my feed, so I decided to try it out! I dialed 8-6236 and ordered 3 out of 4 items from the McDonald's secret menu. I won't be able to finish four burgers so I decided to get one each for me and my cousin and split the last one. I'll try the Double Quarter Pounder next time with Raymond so we can split it.

30 minutes later, the delivery guy was ringing our door bell and these beauties were sitting on our dining table waiting to be devoured!

Surf 'n Turf, the Triple Cheeseburger, and the Double McChicken

Surf 'n Turf, the Triple Cheeseburger, and the Double McChicken


I only see this sticker whenever I request to have something removed from my burger! Haha. Now all the burgers had it because oo nga naman, it's specially made for you! I swear this isn't a sponsored post. Lels.


Of course there's fries!

Surf 'n Turf


I'm not a big fan of the filet-o-fish, so I opted to order this one for my cousin. It's a Big Mac but instead of two beef patties, the other one is replaced with a filet-o-fish. I took a bite and still don't love it, but the mix is definitely a good decision!

Prices: Ala Carte (P169), Small meal (P199), Medium meal (P219), Large meal (P236)

I asked the person I talked to on the phone for all the prices and I noticed everything is P10 pesos higher than what was written on the Eatsploration article. Hmm, marami na nag-oorder, I guess?

Triple Cheeseburger


One of my go-to orders whenever I eat at McDonald's is the Double Cheeseburger. My mouth started watering upon hearing about this! Triple patties? Yes, please! Having three layers of cheese made this a little bit more salty than the usual though, but it's still good. So filling in fact, that I didn't get to finish all of it. I ended up giving the rest to my cousin. Haha.

Prices: A la carte (P159), Small meal (P189), Medium meal (P209), Large meal (P226)

Double McChicken


Now THIS is my favorite! I should've split the triple cheeseburger with my cousin instead of this one. I ate my half of this first -- probably the reason why I couldn't finish my burger anymore. This is just so perfect! I always have to order spaghetti with this or large fries just because I don't get full with just one McChicken patty (I KNOW, fatty) -- but with two? THE BEST. My top choice out of the three.

Prices: A la carte (P159), Small meal (P189), Medium meal (P209), Large meal (P226)

Have you tried any of the burgers from the McDonald's secret menu? Which one's YOUR favorite?