TBT: Crazy Beautiful You Victory Party

Exactly 2 years ago, Madam Baby, Baby Boy and the whole Crazy Beautiful You team celebrated its box-office success.

Crazy Beautiful You opened on Feb. 25, 2015, earning P5 Million pesos on its first hour and closing the first day with a whopping P32 Million.  We were only on our 2nd week, (approaching our 3rd) when this victory party was held!

Here are kinda lowres, phone photos. Naka-iPhone 5 pa lang ata ako nito! HAHAHA! Square pa lahat ng photos ko then because syempreee straight to IG agad!


Nakakakilig mag-ngitian! Parang sila lang nasa stage! Haynakuuuuuu

Can't believe this has been 2 years ago already tapos ilang kembot pa, Can't Help Falling In Love na! Hihi so excited for that!

What's your favorite KathNiel film?