Taking These To Heart

I came across this article tonight shared by a close colleague and I can’t believe how much everything hit me. Reposting here on my blog so I can always look back and remind myself of each and everything on this list.


18. Your life won’t turn out as you envisioned in your 20s, but it will be extraordinary, amazing, and yours. Cultivate strong and diverse friendships. Focus on those, not the toxic people. And have a hobby you love just for you.

17. Live alone for a while. There are plenty of years behind you and ahead of you where you’ll be sharing space with others. Take some time to enjoy having a space that’s all yours. And travel more!

16. Leave after the first lie.

15. I’m 62 and I’d tell her things get better with age. I feel like I’m my most productive and creative right now. And I’ve got nothing more to say. Aging is everything.

14. Stop trying to make everyone else happy. Owning things is not happiness, watch your money. Just because they are family doesn’t mean they cannot be toxic.

13. Find the energy to love yourself first. Don’t look for love in men, friends, or children you’re not ready to have. Save more money. Exercise more and eat better foods.

12. Make friends and cherish them. You will need each other in your 40s.

11. Quit apologizing. You are not responsible for everyone else’s happiness at the expense of your own.

10. No matter what you were told about being a good girl, you cannot have everyone like you. So if and when it comes down to a choice between you (your success, your emotional health, your financial worth) and being liked: choose you.

9. Never work for someone who demands loyalty. Work with those that earn it.

8. Take care of yourself at least as much as you take care of everyone else in your life.

7. Stop plucking your eyebrows, you look insane.

6. Just because he isn’t awful, don’t mean he’s right for you. Stick to your guns because you deserve the best.

5. Save money so you always have the option to walk out on a job or a partner.

4. Have fun. Just have freaking fun. That’s what your 20s are for.

3. Don’t “save” the good stuff for the “right” occasion. Use them now! Spend more time with your loved ones — they won’t be around forever, and you never know when they will be gone. Enjoy the little things.

2. Don’t hesitate to change jobs or move. Demand more money. Talk to your sister.

1. Don’t put off your travel dreams until “someday”, because “someday” is not promised. And don’t wait for a bunch of friends’ deaths to remind you of that fact.

Such a wake-up call, isn’t it? I’m a year away from my 30s and a part of me wishes I could’ve seen this a little earlier in my life. I mean, I’m not that bad. I traveled, I enjoyed life, and I will continue doing so. I will also be making choices for myself, and I can’t wait!