Sunday Currently 2017 | Vol. 6

It's Easter Sunday -- which means Holy Week is done and we are back to work tomorrow, BUUUUT since my body always has great timing, it decides to get sick and now I was advised to rest until Tuesday! Well, for now, because I'll have to go back to the hospital tomorrow for the rest of my tests to see what I really have. Praying it's nothing serious though.

13 Reasons Why. I just finished watching the Netflix series and though I've read it before, I want to read the book again because somehow, it just isn't how I pictured everything from the book.

This blog entry, nothing else.

To a random Spotify playlist, so random I'm not even familiar with any of the songs.

About why my body decided to act up now of all days. So many things I still need to do and I can't afford to skip work.

Tea. I just made myself some cause I might feel better.

This is nothing serious cause I'm seriously feeling a bit dizzy now as I'm writing this. And my temperature's at around 38.

House clothes and a fleece blanket wrapped around me.

Netflix! So many new interesting original shows!

Real food -- so far I'm not allowed salty or sweet food so, that's basically everything I eat.

Rest. And to push myself to do everything I need to do around the house and for myself. Haha!


Around Google looking for other ways to ease my fever. I don't want to drink Biogesic every 4 hours as the doctor says so I reduced it to every 6 and tried looking for other ways to get rid of fever. Blah.