Sunday Currently 2017 | Vol. 5

It's a busy Sunday! Four mall shows today for Northern Lights A Journey to Love, one more tomorrow then premiere night on Tuesday!

Another Colleen Hover novel, Confessions. For some reason, every time I start reading it before going to bed, I immediately become sleepy so I don't even finish an entire chapter! Haha!

In my savings and expenses journal. Huhu it's March already but I haven't saved the amount that I wrote I should have by this time. Uggggggggghhhhhhh must be more tipid.

To Disney songs! I've been binge-watching Disney movies after watching Beauty and the Beast and it just immediately brought this melancholic feeling like I want to be a child again. Huhuhu Disney, y u do dis???

About the upcoming holy week. Yes, yes yes to a few days of vacayyyy!

My newly washed hair. Bango talaga ng Pantene.

I was a teacher so I can also have summer breaks! LOL.

My favorite brown sweater and blue shorts. I was supposed to go out but ended up not going anymore soooo...

Mommy Lhey Little Bits kit! I just re-opened my February kit and will start decorating my memory journal with that today!

Yakinikuuuuuuu. Super craving.

More time to do everything I want to do on the side and still finish everything I need to for work!

A bit worried because my MacBook Pro's keyboard is going crazy :( I read somewhere that MacBooks generally has 4 years before it slowly dies and guess what, MINE IS ALREADY 4 YEARS OLD!!! Must be the reason why it's been doing this. Huhu.

Around Mac forums to see if there is any solution to this. I am not bringing this to the Apple store to get it fixed. NO SIR.