Sunday Currently 2017 | Vol. 4

I can't express enough how much I love weekends.

It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover. I said in my previous entry that Ugly Love was boring but it ended really well so I liked it more than I expected to. But if I had to compare, I like It Ends With Us better -- I'm already imagining how it's going to be if made into a film. I wish they would.

Unfinished entries for this blog. I only have 2 more pending entries!!! So happy!

To this Spotify playlist called Acoustic Favorites. I love it! Currently playing: Speechless by Monique. So good!

About the upcoming week and all the work lined up. 😔

Clover chips. I had it a snack while writing my blog posts!

For that coveted Holy Week break! I have sooo many things planned to do for those days -- catch up on TV series, fix my music library and more importantly, catch up on my memory journal! Been focusing on my blog lately I keep forgetting to update it.

House clothessss forevaaaa!

My Kindle. It got me back to reading books again!

Dinner. O gosh I just checked the time and it's already 9:30!!! I haven't eaten dinner yet. Gahh.

Time and money. I have so many things I want to do I just can't afford to, time and money-wise. HAHA!

Lazy. It's that time of the month so everything hurts.

Around Twitter. A quote from my boss: "Stop reading Twitter. It's such a dark place!" Well, indeed. He's so right it makes me sad. But on the other side there's still a few things I love about Twitter! Just need to make myself stop clicking from person to person and reading the whole conversation. HAHAHA!