Sunday Currently 2017 | Vol. 2

It's one of those rare Sundays at home and I couldn't be happier!!!

Tweets and feedback about My Ex and Whys.

The rest of my backlogs for the month! Sobrang dami pala huhu I don't know when I'm going to be able to publish all of it.

To How Would You Feel by Ed Sheeran.

About how I still have a LOT of weeks to write in my memory planner yet I'm here ALSO catching up on my blog. UUGGGHHHH I really need to manage my time wisely.

Nothing. My nose is still clogged. Everyone in the team got sick already.

For all my decks to finish itself. Nakakaloka sa dami.

House clothes! Will just go out tonight to watch a movie and that's it, Monday na ulit bukas and that sucks.

Lightroom and all its features! I'm just recently rediscovering how powerful it is when it comes to photo-editing and I love it!

To go to this Hello Kitty pop-up store in Hong Kong! It's a grocery -- except EVERYTHING, including the fruits, etc, is HELLO KITTY. WHAAAT.

More time and stop lazing around whenever I have free time. HAHAHA ang hirap eh! Sarap kaya humiga :(

A little cold. I've had this cough the whole week and I just can't wait for it to go awaaaay.

Around YouTube catching up on my favorite vloggers. Blah, I need more weekends.