Star Cinema Chat with KathNiel

We've long been wanting to have a chance to do the chat with these two but either their schedule does not permit, OR it gets canceled πŸ’” (Barcelona chat, huhu!).

EDIT: We're so happy that when it finally happened, it happened TWICE! Too bad I was sick the 2nd time around, so no photos from that day. Boohoo!

Anyway, for the first round, we went on location at their summer station ID shoot -- not knowing whether the signal was good (or if there was any) -- in a cramped tent, no less. Even so, the two entered with huge smiles on their faces, thanks to napakasarap na kwekwek (according to DJ), fishballs, and ice scramble that they munched on. I asked if they wanted to be briefed, but DJ said it will be better if they weren't so the audience will get natural reactions from them! Aww!

We started with taping Love Out Loud, and they were just too cute!

THE unli-likes GAME

Kath & DJ to say what they like about each other non-stop. The first one who buckles loses.

Amazing how they almost always blurt out the same thing, if not after the other. So cute!


First person to get 5 points wins!

Nakaka-good vibes to see how much fun they were having just being silly with each other.


DJ, ever the gentleman asked first if he should just let Kath win or not. When she did lose, DJ was ready to comfort her of course.


The bonus round! The one who can resist longer gets 2 POINTS!

Before the games, we asked them to write short letters to each other.

Watch the super nakakakilig episode here:


We didn't get to finish the entire program we prepared because the two had another schedule after (whewwww such busy bees!), so all in all we went live for just a little over 10 minutes. It was short but hopefully, you guys enjoyed it.

On to the first and only game we were able to do! HAHAHA. Umeffort ako, here's a transcript of their answers!

KATH: You always make me feel... safe.
DJ: I like it when you... buy me food.
KATH: You look sexy when... you're sleeping.
DJ: You're most beautiful when... you're not mad.
KATH: I want to go with you in... Amanpulo.
DJ: I always remember you when I hear the song... Mobe!
KATH: I feel kilig everytime you... tie my shoelace.
DJ: I feel jealous when... everytime!
KATH: I like it when you say... that's nice, Tangi to me.
DJ: I feel happy every time you... look into my... (sings) when you look me in the eyes, and tell me that you love me...
KATH: My favorite thing about you is... yung pagiging gentleman niya.
DJ: You are... the sunshine of my life.
KATH: I want you to always... hug me! *hugs*
DJ: I miss you when... pag wala akong kasabay mag-eat, wala akong kasabay kumain. English eh!
KATH: I want you to be my... forever stylist. Kasi siya yung stylist ko.
DJ: You are... my girl!
KATH: I promise to... support you. I promise to make you smile. To support you na lang, kadiri!
DJ: I promise to... always take care of my Bal.
DJ & KATH: I can't help falling in love with you because... I just can't help it!

Watch the FULL Star Cinema Chat here: