Singapore Travel Vlog 2017

Guess who finally got around to editing her Singapore travel video? Me me me! 🙈

A few things I realized while editing:

  1. Sobrang gulo ko mag-video. I need a stabilizer or I should use a camera with a good one. Ang likot ko na nga ang likot pa ng GoPro. Or maybe this is enough reason for me to get a new camera? Hihi.

  2. I don't take enough clips. This video just consists of like 3 days -- I got lazy to record our last day and I don't even have good clips for a montage. Tsk tsk.

  3. Ang hirap sabayan ng background music.

  4. Ang hirap mag-edit sa iMovie -- I still prefer Adobe Premiere. I wonder how I'll do using Final Cut Pro.

  5. Nakakaaliw mag-edit ng vlog.

  6. Thinking if I should slowly start vlogging some events and stuff. But I don't like seeing my face on the screen... pano ba? HAHAHA.

Anyway! Enough of that -- I can't even keep up with my blog, what more vlogging? Hahaha! Naaliw lang talaga ako I guess, the final product isn't even that great. Sobrang trim and cut lang, didn't bother adding transitions anymore.

I haven't sorted out photos from this trip so I still have to do that as well. And I have another trip coming up. Oops.