Music Monday: Take Her to the Moon for Me

I first heard Moira sing live during our promotions for Relaks It's Just Pag-Ibig because she was the one who sang the theme song for it. I already liked her voice at the time but I never really paid too much attention to her music.

Then she appeared in Everything About Her and I fell in love with her version of 'Something I Need'. This time, I listened to some of her covers on YouTube and I must say, she's really talented. I followed her on Instagram and that's about it.

I only started really listening to her after Julia's party last night where she sang songs for everyone! I particularly noticed this song because I know I heard it before but just can't remember where, so on my way home, I googled and it all clicked -- I saw this video in YouTube when she posted it, listened to it once or twice and forgot about it. I liked it then but because it's not on Spotify, I can't really listen to it all the time. Hearing it last night though... the lyrics really hit me.

Music & Lyrics by: Moira Dela Torre

I know it's been a while since our eyes last met
Too many words were left unsaid
Your head was poking out of the driver's seat
Eyes full of tears, I couldn't leave

No matter what I do I still feel you coming back to me
When I know that you never will
So before I say goodbye, would you do one last thing for me
Be happy

And take, take her to the moon for me
Take her like you promised me
Say you love her every time like how you told me the last time
Someday I know we'll meet again
In heaven by the rainbow's end
And I only wish you happiness
Until we meet again

Wish I could stick around and fight back your tears
Tell you "My love, I'm still here"
Someday we'll understand why I had to leave
But for now I need you to set me free

(Repeat Refrain & Chorus)

No matter where you are
You'll always have my heart
No matter where you are
I'll love you from afar

So be happy

While listening to the songs, I remembered my Tita Juliet. I've been thinking about her recently because it was her death anniversary a few weeks ago and there was an instance over the weekend where I felt like she was actually around. She was my guardian growing up, so much so that she was already like a mother to me. Don't want to make this post all mushy and dramatic, but that's the story!

Anyway, here's the awesome original song by Moira (who's just recently been signed to Star Music! Yey for the chance of getting to work with her in the near future!)

PS. Can we also notice Sam Milby in the video. Sobrang cute niya eh. EHE.