Music Monday: Undecided by Chris Brown

I’m NOT a fan of Chris Brown and all his issues, but I’m definitely a fan of his talent. The first time I heard this song, of course I recognized the popular 90’s tune — probably also the reason why I got LSS right away. Haha. Then I saw the music video and it reminded me of early 2000s Chris Brown — with the dancing and the catchy tune, I mean I think this is my favorite song of January!

Anyway, typing this at home on a Monday because I’m super under the weather. Caught the flu virus going around the office and I got a pretty bad case of it.

I’m also super in love with the music video because I’ve been to the place — even sat on the exact bench (at least the one near the front of the sign because I don’t think there’s an actual bench right smack in the middle of the Pacific Park sign), so I’m just kinda giddy just thinking about it. Can’t wait to go back for another vacation!