Meetings Galore

Today, I broke my rule of only spending 10 hours or less in the office.

My first meeting started at 10am (I was late so I didn't attend anymore), then the next was at 11am. I found myself in another meeting at 12nn then had lunch past 1pm. Worked a little bit on some stuff we needed to finish, then presented an update at around 6pm which lasted for a little more than an hour. The next (and last) meeting was the longest as it was kind of a brainstorming session/checking of our campaign for the next movie. What a tiring day.

Boyfriend picked me up, had dinner, and now I'm sitting here with my nape hurting. I've noticed it's been hurting everyday since the new year which got me quite nervous. Is this high blood? I should drink more pineapple juice. Huhu.

Dug through my files to look for old photos of Liza that I can post because it's her birthday today. I found so muchhhh and it brought so much memories -- of me being so new in the industry and her treading her waters waiting for stardom to come. And now it has, and I'm happy to say she hasn't changed one bit from the first time I worked with her.

Anyway, 15 minutes 'til 12 midnight. I have an 11am presentation again tomorrow which means I'll need to be by the office at 10am. Boo.