Mari’s Birthday Dinner at Soru Izakaya

My college barkada make it a point to see each other 5-7 times a year on average. During birthdays, special occasions/situations, and to celebrate Christmas/New Year (which is also kinda like Sid's birthday because hers fall on December 31st).

Don't get us wrong, we're all busy with work and we talk EVERY. DAY. so I don't think it will make a difference if we see each other more often. Also, Karla is in NZ so we know she'd also get jealous if we're together all the time. We try not to make her feel home sick as much as we can. For OUR future. Lelz.

For Mari's special day, we decided to try out this new Japanese restaurant along Maginhawa. It's called Soru Izakaya and it has been getting good reviews online. Little did we know one of our college friends is a part-owner!

We got there all at the same time (which is a first for me, yey!) and asked about our reservation that Ian made for us. It wasn't a very big place, it was already packed when we got there but good thing Mari made a reservation through Ian. We were seated at our table in less than 5 minutes and immediately served some tea!

On to the food!

Ebi Aburi

Torched shrimp with Japanese mayo, wasabi mayo, spicy Soru sauce, wasabi, ebiko, and truffle mayo. 2 pcs for P190.

Super loved this one. All the ingredients mixed together just works. Was only able to get a bite but I would say 2 pcs is enough if you're not sharing -- more than that would make it nakakaumay already because of the mayos.

Tempura Ramen

Shoyu broth with ebi and mixed vegetable tempura. P265

Didn't get to taste this one because it's Mari's order (and because I also ordered ramen). It looks good though.

Oh Umi Maki

Shrimp tempura and salmon cubes with spicy Soru sauce topped with salmon and tempura flakes, drizzled in teriyaki sauce and truffle mayo. P390 for 8 pieces

This was one of my orders. I love makis with crunchy toppings and the tempura flakes on top of this one did not disappoint. Salmon + tempura is such a savory combination! Also loved the colorful mayo design on the board!

Tori Karaage and Takoyaki

Soru Izakaya's karaage (P190) is quite unique because of the torched cheddar and mozzarella cheese. SO YUMMY. I could just eat this with rice and I'll be good to go. Their takoyaki (P190) on the other hand, I didn't like that much. Maybe because I'm not really crazy about takoyaki, but I personally don't think it's different from the takoyaki sold in malls.

Shishamo and Bacon Asparagus

Shishamo is grilled skewered saltwater fish with roe intact (P80/each stick) and Bacon Asparagus (P85/each) is obviously grilled bacon stuffed with asparagus.

The saltwater fish was kind of weird for me, not crazy about it, but the bacon asparagus was super! The asparagus looked kind of dry though but it's okay, it's still tasty!

Soru Lemonade

Said to be one of their best sellers -- no wonder because it's one of the yummiest lemonades I've ever tasted! Seriouslyyyy. I wish it'd come with the bottomless option.

Sake Carafe

Mari's birthday drink! As with all alcoholic drinks -- I didn't like it. HAHAHA! Sorry, I'm really not a drinker.

The spread!

The spread!

Sorry for the low-res photo, Tags took this with her phone and sent it to us over Viber so you know how it isss. I didn't get to take a picture of Sid and I's Tantanmen Ramen because they were the last to arrive (and I because one of Tags' hand models -- see photo). But it was good. A lot of toppings, especially veggies, and the pork here tastes better than other Tantanmens I tried!

Here's Mari opening our gift for him! He looks so happy doesn't he? We're sure he loved it. HAHAHA!

We were supposed to catch up with Ian as well but she couldn't make it because she was stuck at work. Instead, she surprised Mari with the Tiramisu Cake which was really really yummy as well!

Hope you enjoyed your birthday and our quarterly (HAHAHA!) dinner date, Mari!