Long Day

I think all days of January will be long. This. is. crazy.

Since I spent 12 hours in the office yesterday, I decided to come in late, just in time for the (supposed) start of the Ang Dalawang Mrs Reyes press conference. I had a 2-6pm meeting about an upcoming project which ended up bringing so much clarity about the directions we needed to take for promotions. Of course, kung hindi pa naging productive ang 4-hour meeting, ewan ko na lang din.

While we were having that meeting, Ask Angelica Season 2 happened, LIVE! I'm so proud and happy about this little "show". Add the fact that Angelica's always just so funny and smart when answering love questions.

After the meeting, I worked some more on the next project's campaign until I had to leave for a viewing at 7pm. The movie was 2 hours long but I had fun watching it soooo I didn't mind that much. Can't wait for all of you to watch it too. Hahaha that sounded so promo-ish and this entry's sounding so bad like I'm just listing down what I did for the day. E kasi naman that's how my day usually goes and things we talk about in meetings are all confidential so I can't expound or share them. Hahaha sobrang boring lang.

Sooo yeah. After viewing, went straight to the pictorial of Sana Dalawa ang Puso. Then, went back to the office to finish our campaign deck and now I'm going home! ANSAYA SAYA!