KL Day 3: Central Market, Putrajaya

Day 3 and we don't want to leave yet!!!

We fixed an itinerary for this day but we decided just to make it a kinda-free day. For one, we tried to enjoy our last few hours in our pretty hotel room, so we got going at around 11am na even though we woke up pretty early.

It's Chinese New Year so we thought it was going to be fun to see what people do! Upon research, we saw there were a lot of festive stuff going on especially in Chinatown (of course) so we decided that should be our first stop for our last day.


Central Market

Putra Square
Mercu Tanda (Putrajaya Landmark)
Putrajaya Lake & Bridge
Putra Mosque
Perdana Square

Pavilion KL


We took an Uber from our hotel to Central Market and it only cost us RM12 which is roughly around P130. We also ate our leftover KFC burgers from last night for breakfast in the car! Odiba, tipid.

When we got there, we tried to look for the dragon dance performance, but we were sidetracked by this store that sells personalized passport holders, wallets, keychains and whatnot. Perfect pasalubong, so we spent around an hour there and completely forgot about the dragon dance!

We exited the building and rows upon rows of tiangge welcomed us.  Naturally, we decided to just shop some more since we still had a lot of pocket money to blow anyway.  Haha!

Satisfied faces after shopping. Nakakalorks! There was a store which sold a lot of super pretty bags at such a low price, we spent more than an hour there as well. Ansarap siguro mag-shopping dito ng mga pamasko! You'll surely be able to get anyone gifts and they won't be able to tell if it's cheap or not!

We didn't get to take a lot of pictures because we were busy buying stuff. Also, there were A LOT of people, particularly men on the streets. I'm not sure why (and I'm tamad to Google) but you can see it in the picture anyway. Medyo scary ng konti, but we did okay.


By 2pm, we were already making our way to Putrajaya for our last gala. Putrajaya is Malaysia's 3rd Federal Territory, after Kuala Lumpur. It is a 35km - 40km trip, kind of like going from Marikina to Tanay, Rizal except in Malaysia, WALANG TRAFFIC.

We got to the Putra Square in less than an hour, and we only paid RM35 for our Uber ride.

Pink Mosque

Pink Mosque

The first thing that will really attract your attention upon getting there is the Masjid Putra, popularly known as the Putra Mosque or the Pink Mosque.

We walked around the square and found this perfect spot for taking photos with the Putra Mosque! Loooove!

A little fun fact I copied off of Wikipedia about the mosque:

The pink-domed Putra Mosque is constructed with rose-tinted granite and consists of three main functional areas – the prayer hall, the Sahn, or courtyard, and various learning facilities and function rooms. The mosque can accommodate 15,000 worshippers at any one time.

There you go, something new to learn everyday! HAHAHA.

Perdana Square

Perdana Square

Across the Putra Square is the Perdana Putra or the Perdana Square (daming square!). I have no other knowledge about this building except this is where the Malaysian Prime Minister's office is in.

Putra Bridge

Putra Bridge

Here we are on the famous Putra Bridge! This bridge is 435 metres long, and it connects Putra Square to the Boulevard.

Beautiful, intricate details of the bridge. Everything in this square is so pretty.


Putrajaya Lake and the Seri Bestari Bridge (Jambatan Seri Wawasan). Fun fact, the Putrajaya Lake is man-made. It is located in the center of Putrajaya and according to Wiki:

It was designed to act as a natural cooling system for the city and also for recreation, fishing, water sports and water transport.

Amazing, right?

Here we are just trying to get as many photos as we can before having to leave. HAHAHA. We just couldn't master that candid-but-not-really pose! Oh well, need to do more trips so we could practice!

We decided to go to Pavilion KL already so we could have lunch. We didn't want to do fastfood again, so we just ate at the food court for more choices!

Chinese this time! We were so fullllll and satisfied with our meals! Finally, why didn't we eat like this the moment we got here?!

After our dinner, we walked around the mall some more to see if there are some things we forgot or need to pick up before getting ready to pack our stuff and fly back home. Boohoo, this has been such a fun and comfortable trip, it already topped our Hong Kong trip on my list.

The next day was our flight back to Manila and boy, our luggages were so over the minimum carry-on weight limit. Our hearts were beating so fast, thinking up of how much we're going to pay (because we didn't pre-purchase, I KNOW I KNOW) but luckily, the lady at the check-in counter was so nice she let us all pass! Yay yay yay!

Our happiness was taken from us though when there were drunk, noisy guys on board. They were drinking and talking LOUDLY the whole 3-hour flight it was frustrating. I wish they would stop allowing passengers to drink liquor on flights, or if they can't, then make sure other passengers aren't bothered by those who are drinking.

Anyway, I will not let that bad experience turn everything around for this trip.  I had so much fun I can't wait for our next trip together! Sana with the whole barkada na?

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