KL Day 2: Batu Caves, Brickfields District, Petaling Street


Day 2!

We woke up a little earlier this time having rested quite well the night before. Also, we weren't too tired anyway because we just kept Uber-ing wherever we go. Way cheaper here, seriously.

Went to the supermarket at Suria last night before going home so we have something to munch on before we sleep and while waiting for each other to finish taking a shower in the morning. Our hotel offers unlimited tea, coffee and water so we took advantage of that. So happy I picked this up -- I think this is their version of Chips Ahoy. It's a little thinner than the original, but it tasted good, better when paired with coffee.

Dainty teacups found in the lobby of our hotel! Super love the gold and floral <3

Dainty teacups found in the lobby of our hotel! Super love the gold and floral <3


Batu Caves

Little India

Buddhist Maha Vihara (Brickfields Buddhist Temple)

Sri Kandaswamy Kovil (Hindu Temple)

Petaling Street


We took an Uber to Batu Caves (RM23 = P253) so cheap, considering it's 22 kilometers away from our hotel. Also, it only took us 30 MINUTES. Yes, no traffic at all! Kaiyak, besh.

What did I say about the beautiful architecture here in KL? Super love this roof! I'm not sure what this building is though, nadaanan lang namin and it stood out.

What did I say about the beautiful architecture here in KL? Super love this roof! I'm not sure what this building is though, nadaanan lang namin and it stood out.

When we got there, we immediately started taking photos. Aiko and Kath wanted to get one with the birds actually flying behind them, so they tried their best to make them do so by running towards them while other tourists were feeding them. It was so funny. I think we spent like 15 minutes just doing that and unfortunately, they did not succeed.

The famous statue of Lord Murugan and the 272-steps na sinumpa ko talaga.

The famous statue of Lord Murugan and the 272-steps na sinumpa ko talaga.

Before taking the challenge of climbing up the Temple Cave, we had brunch at one of the restaurants. We didn't have a lot of choices though, so we just picked the one which had more customers. It was a vegetarian restaurant so we thought it would be free of spicy stuff -- boy, were we wrong.

The girls all chose the same thing -- this pasta thing with fried rice and some viand. I chose samosas with some potato curry soup-mixture sort of thing. None of those tasted good. The only thing we enjoyed was this fresh coconut. Whewwww. Day 2 of not getting to eat really good food. HUHUHU.

After brunch, we decided to head up the Temple Cave already.

Here's me and Kath having such a hard time climbing up. HAHAHAHA!

Here's me and Kath having such a hard time climbing up. HAHAHAHA!

Here we are inside the cave! Halata bang hulas? Sabi ng double chin ko, YES. HAHAHA! Hate this photo but this is the only one we have to show our successful climb. But wait, more stairs! Paano na po?

The monkeys didn't show themselves until we were on our way down. One even slapped food off of a girl's hand then started eating it from the ground. Others just sat on the ledge and minded their own business like this one. Even so, they were still kind of scary so we sort of rushed to get down from the cave.

More monkeys making their way down the stairs + some kinda artsy shot keme. HAHAHA!

It took us less than an hour to climb and explore Temple Caves (a good 10 minutes deciding whether we should avail the Dark Cave tour), so we decided to go around the rest of Batu. There was a small street market where you can buy all sorts of food (that we're not familiar of, I think it was a mixture of dried fruits, nuts and whatnot). And then there was this garden area that we did not enter anymore because one, there's a minimal fee, and two, you can completely see what's inside through the fences. It would've been nice to have taken photos on the bridge (like those guys in the photo LELS) but we didn't bother anymore.

Walk further and you will see another temple with more stairs. There were signs that said you had to take off your shoes before getting up so we didn't try to do that anymore. HAHAHA ang aarte diba, but we were just scared our shoes wouldn't be there anymore when we go back down. Mga praning lang. Also, it rained really really hard so we stayed under the sidewalk tents for a good 15-minutes before braving the drizzle and heading to the Ramayana Cave.

Before entering the premises, this statue of Khumbakarna will welcome you. Inside the cave, you will see a lot of dioramas of the Indian epic Ramayana, which we should also be familiar with since (as far as I know) we have a Filipino version of this same epic! I'm not sure though if this was tackled back in high school or in college.


The dioramas were beautiful. See that bright light at the top? There was another path (yes, you guessed it, more stairs!) which, upon Googling, leads to a shrine that has a stalagmite that is a symbol of Hindu deity Shiva.

After taking a few more photos, we decided to head to our next location.


Brickfields is a small town in KL. It's known as Little India because majority of the residents there are Indians, which means most of the businesses and restaurants there are also owned by Indians. We got to walk around the residential neighborhoods and I noticed that there are a lot of townhouses there. It also gave the feels of Scarborough sort of -- the sidewalks, the trees, the little hills. Made me feel a bit melancholic.

Our next stop, the Buddhist Maha Vihara or the Brickfields Buddhist Temple. We didn't get to enter the actual temple because most of the people there were giving us these weird looks, so we just walked around for a bit and called an Uber so we can go to our next and final stop for our Brickfields trip, the Sri Kandaswamy Kovil Temple.

The temple was so beautiful! We watched those going in and they had to wash their feet and leave their shoes by the door before going in. It is said to be over a century old, which is probably why there were parts of the temple being restored already.



Our next stop: Petaling Street in Chinatown where we bought some of our pasalubongs already. I LOVE shopping in KL, there were a lot of cheap but nice stuff there.

We walked through the whole stretch of the street which made our feet kind of hurt. Add the fact that we were quite hungry because we didn't have a filling lunch, so we decided to go to one of the more famous malls, the Pavilion.

Out of desperation for food that we would surely enjoy, we decided to just get fast food. Our best bet was KFC because you can NEVER go wrong with chicken. We got our orders and were already so ready to devour everything when, surprise surprise, the rice tasted kind of weird. But then again, it's way, way better than what we've been eating the past days! We enjoyed our food too much, we stayed for like 2 hours in KFC just eating and talking before walking around the mall.

Storytime! We booked an Uber an hour later to take us home. I quickly noticed I put in the wrong pin so I sent the driver a text message describing where to actually pick us up, and he did not respond. I saw him pass by already on the map, so I sent him another message telling him our actual location. A little over 15 minutes has passed, and he didn't seem to be moving on the map. So I checked Waze and saw that he was probably stuck in traffic and will get to us in another 15 minutes because he had to drive around. So okay, I explained everything to my friends and we sat there, waiting. Still, no text from the driver.

When I saw that he was close by, I sent him another text message and this time, he responded with 'ok'. So yey, he's definitely coming to pick us up. I know what you're thinking -- I didn't want to cancel the trip cause I didn't want to be charged for the fee okay, also, I feel bad because he got stuck in a traffic jam because of us. ANYWAY. After what seemed like 45 minutes already, we saw a guy walking towards us. He asked if we were waiting for an Uber. I quickly recognized him from the picture on the app and told the girls he was our driver. Apparently, he parked the car somewhere and asked if we could walk up to where he can pass by and pick us up. So okay, we said yes. He started walking back to his car and we waited for him near the taxi bay.

So we're fine -- we're on our way home, we can rest our feet and lie down on our comfortable beds. Waze said we'll be there in less than 30 minutes. Yay! OH BUT NO. It became more than an hour ride because the driver DID NOT KNOW HOW TO FOLLOW WAZE. It was so freaking frustrating because he couldn't even speak proper English and he couldn't follow OUR instructions even if we were telling him already. If it lasted longer, I really think the girls and I would have started fighting too because we were already snapping at each other. HAHAHA! We literally went around the same rotunda twice, taking a different exit each time. My goodness.

Although we felt sorry for him in the end and because he insisted we pay him less than what was indicated on the app. He was also very apologetic. Anyway, enough of this very memorable Uber experience.

Upon entering our room, we found this on our beds and it was just so cute! It was perfect because I actually need a card holder as I recently changed wallets. Yay!

So that concludes our DAY 2 in MALAYSIA!

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