KL Day 1: Merdeka Square, KL Tower, Petronas


My best friends (since high school!) and I vowed to travel out of the country together once a year.  This year, we booked our flights as early as June last year (seat sale fyeah!) and didn't bother with our itinerary until a few weeks before flying.

First, we booked our hotel.  I found this super cute boutique hotel called Bello & Bella Boutique Hotel.  It's around half an hour away from the city centre (by train) but it's still quite convenient to get to and from wherever you're going around KL.

We kind of pegged our itinerary after this article on the KL website as there weren't a lot of travel blogs who wrote about spending 3 full days in Kuala Lumpur.  It isn't really a tourist favorite and we were already kind of getting half-hearted about choosing KL for our second out-of-country trip together.  Add the fact that every time people find out we're going to Malaysia, most of them ask: Anong ginagawa dun? What do you see there?

So, to answer those kind of questions, I'm sharing with you what my friends and I did during our 3-day stay in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

I got all of us matching passport holders with our names on it! Super cute, right? Got these from    here   .

I got all of us matching passport holders with our names on it! Super cute, right? Got these from here.

We were kind of excited (and scared of traffic) so we decided to leave at around 4pm and head to the airport early. We got there at around 5:30pm -- a bit TOO early for our 8:45pm flight. Lels. We paid our travel tax, got our boarding passes and had dinner. At around 7 we decided to go through Immigration already and just wait at our boarding gate. We had a lot more time to spare, so of course we did a mini pictorial! HAHAHA!

There was like a 15-minute delay but that's bearable. The 3-hour flight kind of wasn't. My butt hurt from sitting and you know how it is with cheap flights -- little to no leg room. Haha! It doesn't help that we were surrounded by different kinds of stink my head kind of hurt.

I ended up watching 3 episodes of Doctors. I can't believe I still haven't finished this!!! I started watching this last year after I got so hooked on DOTS and Uncontrollably Fond but life happened. Boo.



There were a LOT, I mean a LOT of drivers offering us a ride when we got near the exit of KLIA2. Half of the drivers were offering taxi rides and half said they had Ubers. We tried the Coupon Taxi from the airport and we were given the rate RM178 -- the number of passengers and luggages taken into consideration, as well as the time.  It was already 2AM and apparently, they have higher rates pag ganitong oras. Kalurky!

We ended up booking an Uber from the actual app instead. We only paid a total of RM77.90! Grabe yung difference ha!

Checked in at our hotel at around 3AM already. We were soooo tired and kind of hungry we decided to head out at the 7-11 right outside the hotel to buy water and cup noodles. We passed out after eating and woke up at around 10AM already! Had to hurry because we had a full day ahead.

DAY 1 itinerary:

Merdeka Square

Lake Gardens

Menara KL Tower

Petronas Twin Towers & KLCC Park

Jalan Alor

So glad we chose this hotel over the other ones! So cute and comfortable! Mura pa. We didn't have the chance to look around our actual neighborhood but there is a mall and a lot of restaurants close by that we didn't get to try. Maybe next time?


Kuala Lumpur was a lot like the Philippines in some ways but the major difference is we didn't experience traffic at all! We got to wherever we're heading in 30 minutes or less most of the time through Uber. We didn't attempt to try buses/trains anymore because sobrang mura naman ng Uber, so kebs.



Our first stop for the day, the famous Merdeka Square, where the Big Ben of Malaysia (as some of the blogs I've read put it) is. Upon Googling, the name of the orange building is Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad. You can't deny the architecture of the whole street is really so beautiful, and you can already tell it's really a tourist destination based on the amount of buses and people taking their pictures.

Obligatory tourist photos!

Obligatory tourist photos!

Across Malaysia's Big Ben is the actual Merdeka Square, which is the huge park-ish space with mooore nice buildings.

After taking photos, we felt reaaally hungry and started walking around to find a place to eat.  We passed by this theater along the way and another building that looked similar but seemed kind of abandoned.  Snapped a few more photos because the architecture here is just really so beautiful!

We found this turo-turo along Jalan Melayu where you can get food buffet style -- the lady will give you rice (choice of plain and fried) you can choose which ulam you want. Everything looked so orange and spicy, we chose to go the safe route and get the fried chicken and quail eggs in curry sauce it looked like.  Well, everything looked like they were curry, so we didn't have a choice.

People in KL barely speak English so you really have to be patient in explaining what you want. We had to pay 40 cents for ice and got coke for drinks instead of what everyone else was having (it looked like milk tea, except it's in a plastic bag with lots of ice in it) because we didn't know what it was and we were too hungry to ask.  Haha!


Perdana Botanical Gardens is probably not that much of a tourist spot because the Uber driver didn't know where it actually is. Even when we showed him pictures, he said that the place is really huge and that he can drop us off anywhere there and we can walk to find it. We gave up asking him (he couldn't speak English that well :() and just got off where he was telling us to walk through.

Googling now, we were so FAR from where it actually is. He dropped us off near the Panggung Anniversari Auditorium (hence the photo of the sign) and it looked like an ordinary park/garden.  So sad.  We kept on teasing each other that we were just in Sunken Garden in UP.  (Go ahead and google Perdana Botanical Gardens and click on images so you can see what we actually wanted to see. :P)

Spot the squirrel tail!!!

Spot the squirrel tail!!!

I was so happy to see a squirrel again in the flesh after so many years, I missed my squirrel who was always on the tree outside my window in Canada.

Our signature travel pose! Hihi.

Our signature travel pose! Hihi.

We gave up looking for the actual garden so we called an Uber and decided to head on toooooo...


This is the view of the city from the Sky Deck. It was so nice to see the Petronas Towers from this angle instead of the usual. It cost RM105 to have access to both the Observation Deck and the Sky Deck. It's cheaper if you only choose to climb the former but that's no fun because the awesome SKY BOX is up at the Sky Deck. APAKADAMING SKY!

The trio up on the sky box!

The trio up on the sky box!

Don't mind our ugly feet. You have to be barefoot when stepping on the Sky Box so we all took off our shoes. The tour guide said we could have all the time that we want taking photos in the Sky Box, but the guides there were kind of making us hurry even if the line wasn't even that long, so what we did was we lined up twice just so we could take all the photos we wanted! Haha

There was an assigned photographer who can take your photo (of course) and then you can view and buy them before you exit. We kindly asked him if he could take just one group photo of us in our camera and he refused. Buti na lang he took a break and he was replaced by a kinder photographer who obliged and took a couple of photos of all four of us! And they were good photos too! Yey for nice people!

Tanaaan! Super love this photo!

Tanaaan! Super love this photo!

We went down to the observation deck just to check it out and finally decided to head on to Petronas already. Buuut before getting to head out the tower, it started raining really really hard with thunder pa! So we just hung out and tried to access the poor wifi while waiting for the rain to stop.


We called an Uber and booked for the towers. Instead of dropping us off right in front of it, the driver dropped us off at the mall and we had to ask around before finally finding it. It just finished raining and it was still drizzling so we decided to walk around the mall a little bit more before heading out and taking photos.


Here's the iconic Petronas Towers during daytime. There were a looot of people as you can see in the photo -- a lot of vendors too selling lenses that you can connect to your phone so you could include the whole of Petronas into your picture, and they speak Filipino even if they're not.

After taking a few photos, it started drizzling again so we decided to just grab dinner inside the mall (Suria KLCC) instead of eating at Jalan Alor. We also wanted to take pictures with the tower with its lights on.

Walked around the mall a bit. We noticed that the prices here are much lower than in the Philippines! Huhu ansaya mag-shopping!!!

Ate at Chili's which was, no surprise, was way cheaper here as well.

After dinner, we went out to see that the lights on the towers are already on and the crowd doubled! As in people EVERYWHERE it was kind of hard to find a spot to take our photos. Nakatungtong kami nyan dun sa elevated part ng stairs na may mga halaman, we thought the guards would tell us to go down.

The Public Bank Building, (this gold building) in front of the Petronas Towers is equally beautiful, if the building had feelings it would probably be so insecure. Too bad you didn't have a twin, Mr. Public Bank.

We called an Uber home and swapped photos with each other before going to bed. That's the end of Day 1!

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