KathNiel on TWBA

I think one of my favorite shows to guest on when we do promotional stuff for movies is TWBA. Celebrities just tend to be quite honest when it's Tito Boy doing the interview. Also, it's exciting to see the stars do everyone's favorite part of the show -- Fast Talk.

Again, I wasn't around when Kathryn and Daniel did the 2nd TWBA guesting (I was sick and was absent for a week) so here are photos from their first guesting. I think this look suits Kathryn so much, she's so beautiful!

Here's some OOTD shots of KathNiel:

Again, super super loved Kath's look that night. She was glowing! EDIT: And because I'm just publishing this now, (like a month after), DJ does kind of give off the Cole Sprouse vibe, don't you think?

Fast talk photos!

Thank you, TWBA!