January Favorites 2019

Hello, 2019! Here I am again trying to be active on this blog which is whyyy I’m starting this series again. The last time I did, I lasted two months and forgot all about it. I wonder how long I’m gonna be able to keep up this time. Anywhooo. Here are my favorites for January!

  1. Cathay Pacific app — such easy check in with the app. Although I don’t like how the bag drop took so longggg, I almost thought I was going to be late for boarding because I only went to the airport like 2 hours ahead of my flight. Lol.

  2. Puma x Hello Kitty shoes — I’ve been drooling over this since last year and now I finally own it, thanks to my brothaaaa! He bought it for me. Hihi.

  3. DJI Osmo Pocket — dream travel/vlogging cam and I got it for Christmas! Yey yey. I got to try it during our SF trip and I enjoyed using it. No more shaky travel footage!

  4. Netflix — I mean, who doesn’t LOOOOVE Netflix? I can just be on Netflix the WHOLE DAY and not be bothered.

  5. Skin Genie lip and cheek stain — a friend gave this to me for Christmas and I have not been using any other blush/lipstick since. I’ve always been a no-makeup girl so I live for having just one product to make me look alive. LOL!

  6. FaceTime — I never appreciated FaceTime before until after I realized I can make audio calls over the internet. Now I talk to my family in the US for HOURS, and now that they’ve added group FaceTime, I like it better since I’m feeling major SEPANX from the whole fam.

  7. Something in the Rain — I started watching this last year and only got to continue watching it this month. I super love the story, and Jun-hui is so cute!!

That’s it for this month, see you in February!