It's almost 2017!!!

Wait, is my title even correct?  Year-ender bash?  Year-end bash?  Hahaha I honestly don't know!

My high school best friends and I have been doing year-end celebrations forever.  Their favorite location to do so? My place. I don't know why I oblige but I can never say no to these brats -- even if it means cleaning up puke and or nursing drunk friends 'til they get sober enough to go home. Hahaha! This year, we didn't have any of that though, thank glob.

Our potluck this year consisted of too much alcohol with a side of Ambers, Yellow Cab, Andoks, etc. 

Birthday boy (in a few days) Nathan even introduced us to a yummy alcoholic dessert: vanilla ice cream with irish cream.  I didn't munch on too much cause I'm scared it might give us an upset stomach with everything that we've eaten and whatnot.  Hahaha!

This game will ruin relationships!!! Hahahaha! A lot of things were revealed last night because of this game. Also partly one of the reasons why we didn't get drunk -- nobody wanted to admit to some of the cards after a few rounds.

Now for some group photos!!!  \I was aiming to set up like a homemade photobooth but 'di ko na-achieve because one, I didn't find a good backdrop, and two, no lights. So whatevsssss. Whole barkada should invest on a ring light really.

The boys and the girls.  It was so hard for us to take our pictures because the boys were cracking jokes and making fun of us while we just let them be when they were the ones taking their photos!  Sobrang kairitaaaa! Hahahaha.

We tried our best to hold our pose for a semi-decent shot but I love the second picture because I think it perfectly defines our crazy bunch!

Allow me to be cheesy (NYE naman!) but I really believe I will be friends with these people until we grow old <3.