Hong Kong Itinerary 2017

It's Raymond's mom's first out of the country trip, so we decided to show her around in the most tourist-y way possible! This trip is Raymond and I's birthday (and Christmas! HAHA!) gift to her, so we were so happy that she had a lot of fun in Hong Kong!

Anyway, here's a day by day breakdown of what we did during our (almost) 5-day vacation:


3:45PM - Departure
6:30PM - Arrival at Hong Kong
8:30PM - Check in at Hoi To Hostel
9:00PM - Dinner at Delicious Kitchen
10:00PM - Causeway Bay
12:00MN - Back to the hostel


9:30AM - Breakfast at Jollibee Mongkok
10:30AM - Walked around Mongkok
12:30PM - Lunch at Hon Wo Korean Restaurant
2:00PM - Took the tram to Central
2:30PM - Chocolate hoarding
3:30PM - Ladies' Market/Sneaker Street
5:00PM - Hong Kong Observation Wheel
5:30PM - Star Ferry Pier from Central to TST
5:40PM - Clock Tower
6:30PM - Pier from TST to Central
8:00PM - Hostel to rest a bit
9:00PM - Times Square
10:30PM - Hostel


11:30AM - Brunch at Tsui Wah Restaurant
1:30PM to 8:30PM - Disneyland!
10:00PM - Hostel to rest before dinner
11:00PM - Dinner at McDonalds (LELZ)


10:00AM - Breakfast at Australia Dairy Co.
11:00AM to 4:30PM - Ocean Park
6:30PM - The Peak Tram
7:40PM - Dinner at some resto in The Peak
9:30PM - Took the bus home!


11:00AM - Check out and leave baggage at hostel
12:00NN - Times Square shopping
1:00PM - K11 shopping
3:00PM - Late lunch at Delicious Kitchen
4:00PM - More shopping
7:00PM - Check in at the airport
9:55PM - Departure
12:00AM - Back in Manila! BOO.

That's pretty much it! Will update this entry with more links as I get around to making entries for each day. I have so much photos to sort through and I want to make this series as comprehensive as possible. Wow naman sa comprehensive! Haha! Okay, bye!