#Hello30Project Days 7, 8, 9, 10

Wow, this has become such a chore for me I'm not sure if I'll be able to keep making blog updates about it! Hahaha. It's already a handful collecting footage -- imagine having 24 hours in a day and you can't even take 30 seconds of content. To be fair though, most of my days are spent in meetings and working and I don't think those are interesting enough to include. Whew. Anywayyyy here we go.

DAY 7. Take this day for example. I was in a meeting from 10am to 1pm -- the first 3 clips are from that meeting that's why most of it are things that are in my boss' office. We had lunch during that meeting as well, so couldn't even take a break. Haha! Next, I ordered the boyfriend's super super late birthday gift, then at around 2pm, we had the Walwal boys (Jerome Ponce, Elmo Magalona, Donny Pangilinan) for Star Cinema Chat! That was fun.

THEN, had another meeting at around 5pm which lasted until what was supposed to be the end of the day. Ordered Cinnabon for pasalubong sa bahay, then had instant noodles for dinner.


DAY 8. Woke up kinda late so Raymond couldn't drop me off at work anymore that's why I carpooled with my officemates instead. This video's kinda "special" cause it was more than 30 seconds. We were celebrating our 25th anniversary, so I guess it called for it. The earlier part of the day was spent looking at past projects and past "experiences" because we wanted to post tributes for our anniversary. I got kind of emo nga just thinking about it. Hahaha. So yeah, pulled out of the office to the ABS-CBN Tent at around 5pm and the festivities kicked off from there!

So. Much. Dancing. I loved it.

DAY 9&10. Weekends are home will and always be bomb. Except that I can never ever get enough content to make separate vids for each day. I mean, as I mentioned before, my day when I'm at home: watch, eat, sleep, repeat. And that aint really worth showing. Haha! Buti na lang I had so many things to do come Sunday that it made up for the super boring Saturday! Lol.

Sunday: I Love You, Hater mall show, Athena's 2nd Birthday, a little shopping, and dinner and drinks at Barcino with my people. Good day!