#Hello30Project Days 4, 5, 6

Oh gosh, I am SO bad at this already. My everyday life is so busy, but when I put it into this video series, it just seems so freaking boring. I don't know, that's how I see it. What do you think?

MONDAY. The start of the week is always kinda daunting for me because of weekly mancom reports and a really really early start to my day. What a bad start to my week too cause I only realised I forgot my ID at home when I'm already at work. Anyway, as I was browsing on Instagram, found out FURLA came out with a Hello Kitty line and they are all just so pretty -- but really expensive too. Office stuff is pretty much the same, except this time a lot of people were also preparing for employee interviews for our 25th Anniversary, which I managed to escape. Haha!

Apple recently had a sale so my office friends got me flash drives because I'm always LOSING them. Had mongolian for lunch, then all the sodium and puyat kicked in so I napped for a little bit after lunch. Haha! Milo dropped by to give us his pasalubong -- ube from Baguio. Yummy! Tasted this really good cheese bread from Khosa near ABS. Should get more of those for merienda. Speaking of merienda though... found out I can order from SO MANY places from Food Panda. I mean, I always check it when I'm at home but I guess they don't like Marikina much. Hmp. Ordered Happy Lemon pampa-happy, then hung around with officemates because (most) Mondays also meant not a lot of work except for doing the reports.

The boyfriend picked me up after work, then we had korean bbq for dinner. Yey! The moon also looked so big and round, it was quite beautiful.


TUESDAY. First official promo day for Walwal -- press conference, some exclusive interviews, tapings, and a lot more. Back at the office at around 3pm na for more meetings.

It started raining so hard in the afternoon while my colleagues and I were having a meeting at Gong Cha, so I decided to go home earlier than usual. I didn't want to get stuck in traffic or worse, flood. So, got home to my dogs, had bagnet for dinner and then sat down to edit more videos until around past midnight.

Goodness, this is making me realize how boring my life is. HAHAHAHA!


WEDNESDAY. Woke up because Lazada was calling me non-stop -- he was already at the door with my GoPro skeleton frame that I'll be using for my birthday trip! Yey. Spent time with my dogs, had granola and yogurt for breakfast before heading to work. Had SOOOO many meetings, I only had lunch at around 2pm so I was really really hungry already. Got Happy Cup kinda pampa-happy, just for my milktea craving because ayoko na magpa-deliver from anywhere. Did more work, was finally reunited with my people and I met a new friend!

Date night for me and the boyfriend because Jurassic Parkkkkk. Lined up for Coco because the craving is real -- and of course, my movie companion of choice, potato corner.

By the time the movie finished, the rain kind of intensified so FLOOD. Hay, Pilipinas.

The end!