#Hello30Project Days 2 & 3

I combined Saturday and Sunday's clips for this one because I must admit my life's very BORING when I'm at home. It mostly just consists of me sitting in front of the computer the WHOLE DAY, watching YouTube, Netflix, Korean series, working, doing school stuff, talking to my favorite people... just anything.

Saturday morning was spent doing some more work, while grocery shopping online and Facetiming. Corned beef for lunch, Cheetos fingers, and calling Globe because of more overcharges on my phone bill!!! Ughhhh so freaking annoying.  Groceries arrived -- junk food galore yeahhh. Hahaha. Spent the whole weekend with my babies while I slept, did some homework, played Harry Potter, watched the rain fall and missed my Godson's birthday party because of work. Also fixed some laundry and edited some videos.

Not in the video -- me staying up 'til 3am because I re-did my assignment (aka crammed) so now I'm so sleepy typing this out. Slept for only 3 hours cause I had a 9am meeting today. Yay me!