#Hello30Project Days 11&12

Monday and Tuesday clips combined because Monday was a half day at work and Tuesday was a holiday! Best week so far.

MONDAY. Mondays meant I'll have to go to work EXTRA early because of reports. It was so hard to get out of bed because of the rain which started getting worse while we were having our regular Monday meeting -- to the point that there was an instance that we all just stared out the window wishing for suspension. Haha! Fortunately, it was granted, but after 1pm pa. Got home at around 3pm and guess what, it blacked out for like an hour or two. Ughhh.

Played with my dogs, got my favorite Potato Corner while updating my blog and drooling over things I want for my birthday. Hahaha!

TUESDAY. It was still raining so I stayed in bed a little longer than I should. Woke up, talked to my sister a bit, then went to the mall to have brunch and get the stuff I'll need for my birthday trip tomorrow! Finally got to try Ramen Kuroda which always had a line and I honestly don't know what the fuss is about after trying it out. I still prefer Ramen Nagi or Ippudo but this is wayyyy cheaper. Went grocery shopping, mostly for junk food (lelz) and got some coffee and donuts for dessert. Also, I've been meaning to buy a diffuser for the longest time, and I finally did. Tried it out with their best selling scent, but I eventually want to try diffusing essential oils. Will start researching, soon!

Started packing for my birthday trip which I'm so excited about because I haven't been to this place ever and I'm really not sure what to expect. Here's hoping the weather will be good. Also, registered for my 4th term. Can't believe I'm nearing the end of my first year with my online diploma course after much strugglessssss.

So yeah, see you on my birthday, Manila!