#Hello30Project Day 13

Back to work but the whole day, my mind was drifting off to where I'll be going (I am, now) later that night! Hahaha. Prayed that the weather will get better because it has been raining the whole freaking day and I didn't want a bumpy airplane ride (more on that later). Sadly, our trip to the airport was also kinda bumpy because it started raining really, really hard -- which of course, meant traffic all over freaking Manila, which also meant FLOODS everywhere.

First time to try Park & Fly and I didn't know it was gonna be that smooth and convenient. For its price, I guess I can do that when I'm traveling with the boyfriend so we won't need to get Grab, it's probably going to round up to the same amount anyway.

Had ramen (again) for dinner. Fortunately, immigration wasn't as bad as it is in the morning and it was really fast after that. We even had a few more minutes to spare before boarding. Speaking of, the moment we got to our gate, it was already boarding so we were the first in line. Haha! Loveeee it.

What I didn't love, was all the freakin TURBULENCE throughout the whole freakin flight. I couldn't get much sleep as I was already thinking of the worst. Some of the thoughts that came to mind:

  1. Is this scenario going to look like the first plane crash on Grey's Anatomy?

  2. How will my relatives gain access to my bank account?

  3. Either we'll die bloated or turn to ashes.

  4. I didn't even get married or have children </3

  5. What do I do to keep myself alive if this plane crashes?

But of course despite those thoughts, I kept praying and praying that God will keep us safe and of course, he did. SO THANKFUL!

Landed in Vietnam and my first impression of their airport -- it's kind of the same as ours except mas maingay at mas maraming tao! Hahaha. Grabbed to our Airbnb located at District 4, Dropped our bags, rested for a bit then walked around our area before going to District 1 to find a convenience store and to eat midnight snack -- pho. Didn't love it, but I want to know how to properly eat it because I think I'll like it. Haha! Fun DAY 0!