#Hello30Project Day 1

So, the first day of my little baby is quite successful if I may say so myself. I mean, it took me 'til today to edit it -- but editing only took like less than an hour because I already knew what I wanted to include. I even had to remove like 7 clips just to follow the 30-second rule I set on myself! I mean, if it's going to be more than 30 seconds I don't think it can be called the #Hello30Project now, can it? Or maybe it can. We'll see!

Friday felt like a new day to me just because it was the first day of my birthday month. I mean, there's this exciting thing I'm doing and I'm just feeling so giddy and in a good mood the whole day. So, I'm not sure how I'm going to explain this video though -- should we do it clip by clip, or will explaining it defeat the purpose of the video? Hmm.

Anyway, my day started with Kiwi begging for some cuddles. Then, as if I wasn't in an optimistic mood already, my passport came in the mail! Just two days after my interview (oh, I have to write a separate entry about that experience too). After being so giddy about it and mini planning my visit with my uncle, I got ready for work. As always, boyfriend dropped me off. Flipped my PHS calendar (insert heart eyes here) to June and then a set of meetings started. A montage of some friends from work, noodles for my late merienda, Austin's (I thought) patay na kuko but he said it was only indelible ink that he couldn't remove. Potato Corner Giga fries from Weng, my favorite office love team (Ronan and Milo), then Milo and I set off to Araneta Center for the Boyce Avenue with Moira concert c/o Tito James! Failed attempt to chill at Pub.liq (Milo pressing ALL elevator floors because he didn't know which floor it was on), James and Milo twinning, Milo trying to switch careers as a car attendant and lastly, four cheese pizza (plus calamansi juice for me) to cap the looong night.

It's the 2nd day of June and I'm kind of struggling if I'm going to be able to post something because I've just been home the whole day working on a LOT of stuff for work and school so I've just sat in front of the computer the whole day. Exciting stuff!!!