Hello, 2018!

I started writing a 2017 Highlights blog entry but I decided to scrap it come March because my life seemed so uneventful when put in bullets. So, since I want to start writing about my life religiously, I thought I'll just start doing so now instead of recapping what was over. Besides, I have pictures and old Instagram posts and my planner to do just that for me whenever I want to. I know 2017 was such a good year to me, so let's leave it at that.

Today, I woke up with so much positivity and happiness. I'm praying 2018 brings me as much good luck and happiness as 2017 did, if not more. Looking back, it was a hard year for me as an adult. I dealt with so much stuff I wasn't ready for and I constantly felt alone, but even so, I decided to just be happy. I'm a firm believer of perspective. There's always a different way of looking at things to make it more beautiful.

After eating brunch (leftover media noche handa, wut!), I brought Kiwi and Kevin to the groomers, but turns out they weren't accepting grooming jobs today, so I just let them run around the open area and play for a few minutes. Bought Coco (my favorite milk tea) and waited for an Uber or Grab that would be okay with dogs. Not too bad, only two drivers canceled on me. Heh. That's one thing I hate about some drivers -- why do they automatically cancel when I mention I have a dog with me? Mine were both wearing diapers and I specifically mentioned that in my message yet they still cancel. Hay, so sad.

I had to go to the office to transfer a file for upload (hassle, diba?) but good thing the ABS-CBN store was open, I was able to buy Tita Lot the #JustLove shirts she asked for a few days ago. At least my trip turned out to be quite productive.

Got back home at around 7pm, started deleting 2017 photos from my phone (and posting random ones on Twitter haha). Had dinner at around 9:30 and now I'm writing this blog entry! So yeah, that's how my day went. How about yours?