Music Monday: Gabe Bondoc LIVE in Manila

If you ask me what music I would always like, I would say acoustic. I'm not really sure if that's even a real genre, but I like the slow melodies and the sometimes cheesy lyrics. I love hearing the singer's voice accompanied with just a guitar, an egg shaker, and kahon for percussion.

I found Gabe Bondoc on YouTube when I was in high school and I immediately fell in love with his guitar skills and smooth voice. I would always wait for his OTS, download and sync them in my iPod so I can listen to them over and over on my way to school. I've been working now for more than 4 years and I still love his music, especially his originals. I couldn't be happier when he finally included all his EPs on Spotify.

Back in January, I found out he's coming to Manila but there was already a huge, bold SOLD OUT sign written over the poster that he posted on his Instagram account. I rarely comment on artists' Instagram posts, but I wrote: "Nooo do a 2nd night pls 😭😭😭"

A few hours later, tickets for the 2nd night opened and without batting an eyelash, I was clicking on the link but there were only VIP tickets left. I didn't think twice and bought myself one. ONE. Just for me. For some reason, this is something I would want to experience alone.

The months flew by. I didn't get to go to the VIP meet and greet at Shang because I had work, but I told myself hearing his music live will be enough. Luckily, upon stalking through Instagram and Twitter under the hashtag #gabebondoc, I found out there would be another chance for a meet & greet after the concert! Yey!

Come March 4, I came to Teatrino at around 6pm. There was already a long line outside but I was confident I would get a good seat because I had VIP tickets and I knew Teatrino was small. I hung around and they opened the doors at exactly 6:30pm. I got inside and immediately chose an aisle seat, but I was like 6 or 7 rows from the first one. Meh, good enough.

It was supposed to start at 8pm, but the show was already going by 7:45.

Justin Vasquez from X Factor Australia opens the show with a cover of 2016's anthem, Thinking Out Loud.  He then sang Sam Concepcion's Mahal na Mahal for a little OPM.

Up next was Keiko Necesario. She sang UDD's Oo, followed by an original that I was positive I heard before -- I'm just not exactly sure where. Probably like a local movie or something. I tweeted her and she said it was from a Globe short that went viral last year.

Calvin Orosa then took the stage -- he's actually been touring around with Gabe. I watched their Rappler Live Jam and I didn't really like him there, but he grew on me after watching him live. He's really good! He was also an X Factor Australia finalist.

There was also another girl, Blessie I think it was and she also jammed with Calvin.

Finally!!! I felt so emotional the moment he stepped on stage. I can't believe he's here and I'm hearing him live! So much memories! Sobrang OA pero it's like my heart was so overwhelmed with everything that I was feeling all at the same time. I couldn't stop smiling. The moment he said "Kamusta kayo?" I felt so giddy I wanted to scream.

He started his set with Here Now by Hillsong. I was reminded why I liked him so much, and after the song, I could tell this night was blessed.

Okay, so I'm gonna feature my favorite parts from the lyrics of the songs he sang for his set. I hope this layout wouldn't be confusing for mobile, though.

He said he sings his daughter to sleep with this one. So cute!


With a smile like that means the summertime
Stare in your eyes all day right up the waterline
The way you say my name crashes over me
I'll never leave
Push, push, pull
Pull me down in your undertow
I'm loving the everflow of you now
Push, push, pull
Wanna sit by your ocean side I was winded by your tide oh yeah
With a body like that, body of water
Splashing, I'll splash you right back
I'll take you on, you're all I need
You and the sea
You and the sea


For his second song, he sang a medley of Summertime and 16 bars about a well-dressed girl. I can't believe I still remember that title, it's not even on his YouTube channel anymore.


One day I'm gonna let go
Let it out
Just to love til my feelings show
I'm giving you my heart
Tie it with a bow
You never had to try
You had me at hello

Hey, well I met you in the summertime
And I never had a summer better than
The one I met you in girl
Oh yeah
I met you in the summertime
Do you keep me in mind?
Cause you're always on mine

This song is one of my favorites of his. It's just so cute.

You're It

Teach me how to jump rope,
I can teach you how to climb
Play ball then you can help me color in the lines.
Always knew... we'd make a great team.

I can be the cop, you're the robber

Since you stole my heart
Or red rover, I can wrap you up in my arms... 
Or play house... in our house

You're still as lovely as the first day
I told my mama you'd be mine one day
I'd be your everything, could not wait
I'm so happy to say I was right

Cause you are the only for me
I've known for so long
And you make me feel right, child-like
I'm right where I belong... with you

I've been listening for him for so long I even knew this song as I'm What You Need and not Jacob's Blues. Whatever the title is though, I still love this song.

Jacob's Blues

I know he's on,
He's on your mind
I know his name
Is on your lips at night

I'm trying to show
That I'm strong, I can hold you
He's always pulling away
Well, I'm what you need
He's what you want, no, not me

So I'll take my time,
See if your love can be changed
I won't rush this fight 'cause I know
That your heart's still in pain

I just love what this song is about and the lyrics itself. Then he mashed it up with Frank Ocean's Thinkin 'Bout You live and I fell in love even more.

The Weight

But the words won't
They won't make their way out of my lips
Won't make the shape I need to ask you
Why don't, why don't we try
Let's try to make what we have real

Cause I laaaahhh...
Oh I laahhhhh...
How I la-la-la-la-la-la-laaaaa...
I do.

"It's just a word -- just a single word!"
Telling myself that telling her is not a big thing
More than a word
It changes what she hears -- what she's heard
What we are and what we once were
One of these days I'm going to have to take that risk
If I'm going to be the man that she can see herself with
I can feel the weight this word can easily shift
Oh but I want to make it real

Not too crazy about this one, but it's okay.

Stronger Than

Is it my fault I can't speak
Or that my body becomes weak
Or that I can hardly move
At the very thought of you

Nothing ever really got to me
I could always turn the other cheek
Could it be those days are gone
Could've sworn that I was strong

At least stronger than these emotions
That are taking over me
I swear I'm stronger than these emotions
But they're taking over me


This song is just fun and sweet and too LSS-y.

When You Say

I remember the first time
It's always playing in my mind
I've never felt like this before
No no no no

And every time that you kiss me
Feels like I'm having a sweet dream
And I'mma never feel the way I do
With anyone else

My pulse is racing
When I see your face and
Here is what you're doing to me, my love

When you, when you say you love, love me
I can feel my heart beat, beat
Race behind my chest


He then called out Calvin Orosa on stage to join him sing the last few songs.

First Choice

Never been good at this dating game
Things get so strange I'm always to blame
Well, I'm awkward but I'm real and I hope that she see's
There's charm in being with someone just like me

I'm full of facts that you might not know
Hope that's a plus, plus I'm always home
Always answer your calls when you're bored and alone
I'm ahead of myself, need to slow my roll

Oh, I'm falling so fast, don't know how long I'm gon' last
You have always been my first choice, you know
My heart's been yours for so long
Well it knows right where it's belong with you
Belongs to you

Oh I, I try to tell you what I need to
If only you can read my mind
My eyes they're lying when they see you
They only wanna be with you baby

Black Book

I had a small black book
But I threw it away
When you told me your name
I gotta keep you babe

I'll call quits
With all them other chicks
You've got me wondering
Maybe there could be more to this

This is the first time that I've ever felt
All of the feelings that I'm feeling now
I wanna know if we can make this happen baby,

Cause you got me

I wanna make this real
Somehow you make me feel
Like you're the only girl in the world

I gotta make you see
How beautiful it'd be
If we could make this happen baby

I'll be prince charming
If you'll be mine, darlin'
And you'll be my only
Will you be my only girl?


And then he sang one of my most favorite song -- which he explained he wrote for this girl he was pursuing at the time who is now his WIFE. WHAT. By this time I'm already freaking crying inside because of how awesome he is.

Gentlemen Don't

You run your fingers across my lips
No I've never felt like this before, no, no
I know I'm young but I know love
And I'd know I know an angel if I saw one

But I know very well
Gentlemen don't kiss and tell
And I promise I won't tell the world
If you say you want to be my girl
In your words...

Sorry, the only picture I had of his hair down. For his encore he sang Disney songs -- The Circle of Life. The crowd requested for another one and he sang Part of Your World and, yup, How Far I'll Go.

And as I said in my Facebook post, I already forgave him for not singing We Match, which is just a little step higher than Gentlemen Don't on my personal rankings of Gabe Bondoc songs. Oh well, at least there's still more songs to sing when he comes back. ❤️