[Fiction] Friend Request

6 years. 

6 long years and I still think about you.  More often than I should.  More often than I'd like to.

Thoughts of you pop in my brain -- when I wake up in the morning, while I sit in a boring meeting, when I'm buying coffee, before I sleep at night.

Don't get me wrong.  I got over you as quickly as you replaced me, but the memories... those are the thoughts that would often come.  The way you held my hand, the things you would say to me when we're together, the things you did just to make me smile... the way you made me feel.  

We were together, but not really.  Because before anything even started, you decided to end it.  The sweet messages stopped coming, you didn't hold my hand as often as you did.  Everything just didn't feel the same.

I remember I found out you were dating a new girl one random night when I checked your Facebook profile.  I wanted to get mad, I wanted to send you a hateful message -- that I was ready for us, that you were the one who liked me first so why would you suddenly stop?  That you were an asshole for leaving me hanging when I already liked you back.

But I stopped myself.  Instead, I mustered all the courage I had, knowing I already lost what could have been.

I hit unfriend.

Today, I logged onto my Facebook account. There you are... sending me a friend request.  My heart skipped a small beat.  I casually checked out your profile.  You were still good looking, your charm still radiates in pictures.  There was no sign of a girlfriend.

Suddenly, the good memories came pouring in, making me smile and warming my heart.  A million questions popped into my head.  Why are you sending me a friend request now?  Did you mean to?  Maybe you just accidentally pressed the button in the process of stalking me.  Ha!  As if I knew you were stalking, but still.  Should I take a chance?  Should I let you come into my life again, give us a second chance?

Whoa there.  I stopped my thoughts from going waaaay overboard than it already is.  I pushed the cursor over to the 'Confirm' button, but for some reason, I couldn't get myself to click it.  Instead, I let the cursor hover over the button beside it.

I clicked.  Delete friend request.

You were never one anyway.