Friday's 10 Happy Things | Week 1 | 2019

Today, I saw my grandmother for the first time in the flesh since who-knows-when. But she’s in a casket, and she doesn’t see me. At least not that I know. She might be seeing me from heaven, but I’m not sure how death works. All I know is that it hurts, because you’re losing someone you love. It’s heartbreaking. I’m also counting down the days ‘til I go back home and be apart from my family again for years. What is there to be happy about?

But today’s post is supposed to be 10 things I’m grateful for for the past week, and I can’t say I haven’t been happy. I have to be grateful even about the little things — even if I truly can’t be, because that’s how the universe will bless you, right? Sooo, here we go:

  1. Going around SF tourist spots with my family. We went around using the tour bus’ route and we got to visit everything! We didn’t really take proper pictures or even stayed for long because it was a Sunday (lots of other tourists!), so we said we’ll just come back some other time when it’s more peaceful. Haha!

  2. New Year’s Eve eve family dinner at The Cheesecake Factory.

  3. Visiting Napa Valley on New Year’s Eve!

  4. The beautiful NYE sunset.

  5. 2019 steak dinner at BJ’s.

  6. Bonding with my nephew Ashon.

  7. Experiencing the drive-thru car wash.

  8. More bonding with my family.

  9. Visiting Pier 39.

  10. A sinful filipino family dinner on a long table! I mean, I’m so used to just eating using a 4-person table but this time, we occupied a super long one. I love being around my family.