Friday's 10 Happy Things | #9

What made me happy this week (so far) in pictures! Maybe I should make my 10 Happy Things like this all the time. Better naman talaga pag may visuals, diba? Hehe.

  1. Aga Muhlach going LIVE on Star Cinema Facebook and having so much fun while doing it. So cute!

  2. Sir Mico's birthday dinner on his actual birthday ❤️

  3. Sir Mico's 2nd birthday dinner with my AdProm fam.

  4. Starting school again! Kind of rushed some work because I forgot it was Monday (their time) last Tuesday. HAHAHA. It's so hard studying online, can I just say! Add the time zone difference and I think I might just go crazy.

  5. Aga Muhlach doing promo rounds for Seven Sundays. I'm so happy I get to work with him, I used to just always watch him on TV when I was a kid wishing he'd be my dad. HAHAHA!

  6. First leg of the Seven Sundays tour happened today and I realized I missed Enrique Gil's energy when performing! It's kind of surreal seeing him and Aga Muhlach on the same stage.

  7. Other things that made me happy and not captured in a photo: Kiwi being more malambing than usual. I have the cutest baby girl.

  8. Finishing what would probably (and hopefully) be the last campaign deck for movies this year! Pleaaaaaseeee, I'm just so drained already.

  9. My keyboard skin arriving earlier than expected. I ordered it online and I was told it'll come by next week but it arrived this week! Yey!!

  10. Last Night still doing so well in the box office. Despite all the controversy.