Friday's 10 Happy Things | Vol. 7

I should really note in my planner everything that made me happy every single day so when I write this by Friday, I won't have to look back and think about what happened that day. Whew.

  1. Sundays at home. I should just really make this a thing and never work on a Sunday. (Ha, as if.)

  2. Late dinners with the team. Bonds strengthen, plans are made. Sana lang mag push through!

  3. Catching up with my boss because we rarely see him. He treat the entire team for dinner and caught up with... mostly our love lives. HAHAHA! We should really find him a partner.

  4. Mancom on a Wednesday. I love it when it's not on a Monday.

  5. Kuya P. I'm not going to explain why. 😜

  6. Wednesday chika with MMM. HAHAHA.

  7. Date night with Raymond and we finally watched Kong! I didn't LOVE it but it's so pretty. Such a visual feast -- the colors, the graphics, even the fonts used!

  8. Being able to offset our days off. I usually don't get any especially on a weekend, so it's a blessing that I can sometimes take it on a weekday.

  9. Beauty and the Beast with the boyfie and we super loved it!!! It didn't feel at all that we were sitting in the cinema for more than 2 hours.

  10. Mom offering to get me a Nutriblender for my "diet". Yey!