Friday's 10 Happy Things | #6

Just like that March only has 2 freaking weeks left and 3 months has passed for 2017.  Time, will you please, please slow down.

  1. Joshua and Julia. From Vince & Kath to somehow kinda hopefully in real life! Yes, I'm a shipper! Sorry, RonLia fans, I'm for either of them on-screen but off... I say I vote for JoshLia. Their Beauty and the Beast slow dance has gone viral and made everyone swoon with kilig!

  2. Back to back launches of Can't Help Falling in Love's teaser and music video! So excited for this film!!

  3. Colleen Hoover's It Ends With Us. I just can't put it down! I end up staying up later than I plan to because I keep going to the next chapter.

  4. Quick dates with the boyfriend. He's so busy these days that the only time we have together is when he picks me up from work. Huhu!

  5. Choco butternut. I swear, it's a bad thing that I pass by Dunkin Donuts to and from work because I end up buying donuts every. time.

  6. Got another pair of sparkly, glittery shoes that I super super love! Yes, it's that silver and it's that glittery which I super love! HAHAHA. Now, just need to find the perfect outfit that goes with it.

  7. Friday night drinks with the team for Yana and Kate's despedida. It was sad that they were leaving but I'm happy everyone got to hang out together before they actually fly the next morning.

  8. This malunggay chia tea drink from Kooning's Kitchen. At first I didn't want to drink it because malunggay, but when they assured you won't taste it at all, I gave it a try and it was so good!

  9. My mom buying me new chargers for my Beats pill from Amazon because wala dito sa Pinas. I just recently broke mine and I can't charge my speakers without tying a hair tie to the wire to make it stay in place -- ugh. So complicated but for the sake of music!!!

  10. The Indie Pop! playlist from Spotify. Need I explain more? You're welcome.