Friday's 10 Happy Things | #5

2nd Friday of the 3rd month of 2017. Which means we only have 42 Fridays left for the year! O dibaaaa, di mo alam yon?!

Anyway, I'll include what made me happy the past week as well because I didn't get to write last Friday, soooo here goes.

  1. Gabe Bondoc live in Manila. Yes, finally, after being a fan for 8-9 years already, watching his videos on YouTube and just listening to his songs over and over, I got to see and hear him sing live last Saturday!!! I'll reserve the rest of the kwento for another entry, but I'll say I'm still so giddy about it.

  2. Gerald-Arci reunion project. Hihi, lablab together again!

  3. My Ex and Whys Victory Party! I'm so happy for Liza and Enrique! We're now on our 4th week so make sure to catch it this weekend if you haven't!

  4. Last week, we had an outdoor pictorial for Can't Help Falling In Love! We had so much fun and it was such a light set we finished even before the sun went down -- and managed to take team pictures as well.

  5. Boyfriend's new venture now finally laid out and in order! So happy and excited for him.

  6. Angelo's birthday! We celebrated by going shopping and of course eating at a buffet! Full belly, empty pockets. Haha!

  7. Seeing Before I Fall. Operative word: seeing. That's for another entry as well.

  8. Finishing APE early and getting free donuts for it! HAHAHA! Hopefully the results are all positive.

  9. Researching (and discovering) X-Men stuff because of Logan -- which broke my heart so much huhu.

  10. Finding the perfect font for my blog thumbnails! So in love with it <3