Friday's 10 Happy Things | #4

I can't believe February is almost over!!! WHY WHY WHY! Ambilis mo po, 2017!!!

  1. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. Okay, okay, I know I'm late to the swag party, but I finished all 16 episodes in like 2 days to the point that I couldn't even focus on work! Sobrang kinikilig ako sa kanilaaaaa and malala! As in yung sumisigaw, gulong gulong sa kama kind of kilig. I also kept teasing my boyfriend that I'll just go and find someone like Joon Hyung. HUHU sobrang kainlove siya bes!!! I wonder why it didn't rate in Korea :(

  2. Starting on a new book. I vowed that I will read at least one book a month this year, and I am right on track! Started reading Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover earlier this week to see what the fuss about this writer was about.

  3. Finally finishing my KUALA LUMPUR DAY 2 post! Yey! I'll just need to finish one more draft and I'm done with everything. Wuhoo!

  4. First time to visit Monasterio de Sta. Clara to offer prayers and eggs. Totoo pala yung mag-alay ka ng itlog! It was a fun experience.

  5. EAT FRESH in San Juan. It was my first time to eat here as I've only been hearing about it from friends and office mates. It didn't disappoint! Super loved their laksa and different street food. I also loved their LAAARGE nai cha with pearls.

  6. Google Ads finally working on my site. I tried to figure this one out for more than a week and I'm so happy it's now live.

  7. Hillsong Young & Free's new acoustic album. There's just something about stripped down, mostly vocals worship songs. Though I must admit this album is FAR from acoustics only.

  8. Baka Bukas and 2 Cool 2 Be 4gotten finally getting released commercially! I heard about these movies during their Cinema One Originals run but didn't get to watch because of our busy schedule (as always), so I'm glad a lot more will get the chance to see it.

  9. The boyfriend focusing on his new venture. I can't exactly say what it is yet, but I can see his determination towards it and I'm just so happy that he'll get to explore something new!

  10. Jared's 1st birthday! Ate Julie told me to took a day off for this day last month pa, so I did. Hahaha. Ansaya lang to be with the whole family again!