Friday's 10 Happy Things | #3

I had a cold all this week + a really bad cough, but despite that I still have a lot of things to be thankful for!

  1. A great turn out at all our on-ground events for My Ex and Whys.

  2. Finally putting this blog out there. I finished writing a few entries that I thought would be okay to share with everyone and I'm so happy that they are enjoying it!

  3. Payday! Still trying to get back on track with my finances after sorta-kinda splurging on our KL trip, so I have quite a few things to pay off and all that (read: credit card. Lels.)

  4. Stress-free premiere night. There were no shouting and endless ringing of phones! HAHAHA.

  5. Gabe Bondoc VIP fan day happening on March 1! I recently got the invite in my e-mail and I'm so happy they have a separate event for those who bought VIP tix! Can't wait to hear him LIVE!

  6. Kung Fu Yoga still doing very well in cinemas. It breached the P100M mark over the weekend so we were all so happy about it.

  7. Finalizing my second quarter trip for the year. Tickets booked, next, our visas!

  8. My Ex and Whys earning P31M on its first day! So happy and proud!

  9. International screenings doing really well also. People are tagging us with photos of long lines in ME, US and CA! Add the fact that it's still doing so well locally.

  10. DONE WITH MY PA. We've been doing our PAs for 3 consecutive days and I finally finished mine today! Hopefully, no more revisions. HAHAHA!

This week's list consists of mostly work-related stuff, I noticed.  Haha!  Work is life lately, kailangan na kasi talaga magpayaman. Chos!