Friday's 10 Happy Things 2018 | Vol. 3


Just stating the obvious and telling you that it's already FREAKING FEBRUARY. We're 2 months into the year and it felt like just YESTERDAY that we were celebrating the new year. KKLK.

  1. Puma x Hello Kitty limited edition sneaks. It came out yesterday and it's already SOLD OUT. Still, the collaboration made me happy so I'm keeping it here. I BELIEVE I'll be able to get a pair.
  2. Getting to use Adobe Illustrator for the first time and submitting my homework early!
  3. Presenting reports to the management.
  4. Finally finding good bagels!!!
  5. Breakfast dates with the boyf.
  6. Finishing our Taiwan vlog! Will write about it soon.
  7. Finally uploading the first episode of #CGMagic.
  8. Getting my internet back. UGH Globe when will you NOT suck???
  9. Finding cheap but good avocado shake!
  10. Planning next year's trips! This year, I'm on a semi-hiatus, but I'll make sure to be traveling a lot again!

Comment what made YOU happy this week.