Friday's 10 Happy Things 2018 | Vol. 2


And just like that, 2 weeks of January has passed.

  1. I KNOW, I know. How lazy can I get, right? But for someone like me who juggles school and work and home stuff, I just don't have the time. Thankful for technology!

  2. Free food. Tawid Kapamilya!

  3. Productive meetings -- with free food.

  4. The boyfriend being so patient with me. I get so masungit when I'm stressed and sometimes I end up taking it out on him but he understands. Ahhh, need to change that.

  5. New Starbucks card designs. I collect those that I like!

  6. YouTube. I love watching vlogs to destress.

  7. #AskAngelica now on its 2nd season! Ansaya lang sabihin nung Season 2 hehe.

  8. 4-hour chikahan with my girlfriends! We didn't even notice it was already 1AM until I had to leave for...

  9. Night out with office friends until 4am until we had to have breakfast at Jollibee. Haha!

  10. Not failing with my daily blog entries!!! Weeeee!