Currently writing this in my aunt's house in Ilocos!  There are a lot of things that made me happy this week, I'm going to find it hard to just pick 10!

  1. My Tito and his wife are home!!! Yay for getting the chance to visit two years in a row -- for longer this time too.  Last year, he was here for only a week and I only got to spend a little time with him because of work, so this year, since he has two weeks here, I promised him I'll take a one-week leave so I can come with him to Tita's province.
  2. Chocolates, macadamia nuts and Cinnamon Toast Crunch!  One of the things I love most about him coming home is he brings me a box full of my favorite junk.  Chocolate bars, jars of Nutella and boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch to last me half a year until the next box comes :P #thisiswhyimfat
  3. TSPG earning more than P300M already!  So, so happy for Kuya and Vice.  Hopefully this means more moolah for us as well.  Hahaha!
  4. Ron getting to fly on a plane for the first time.  There's just something about seeing someone do something for the first time that also brings you happiness.  The sunset was also so beautiful up in the air!

5. HELLO KITTY X COLOURPOP!  One of his pasalubongs that I really looked forward to getting and I finally have my hands on it. Meow!
6. Long drives.  I've always loved long drives to different places, pero medyo sumobra naman this time.  But that's for a completely different post.  Hahaha!  For now, I'm happy that we did it with the fam!

7. BODIES OF WATER EVERYWHERE!  Yes, this should be right at the top of this happy list because this is the major highlight of this trip.  Hahaha!  I love the sea, the view, everything water!!!  I love how the sea is just a few steps away from their house so I get to see the sunset by the sea everyday!
8. Another thing I enjoyed a lot about this trip is seeing the probinsyano ways -- how the day starts at 4 in the morning and ends at 8pm (everybody is asleep by 10pm!!!), how everyone is so friendly and polite and how everyday is a feast!
9.  I'm going to be an aunt!  My baby sister is expecting a baby boy and I'm so excited to finally be a legit Tita!  Yey!
10.  Lastly, I'm very very happy and blessed to be having this family trip.  It's seldom that I get to do something like this because all my relatives live in the US and the family that I have here, I'm not that close with, so I only get to experience family outings with Raymond's family.  It's almost the same thing but it's still different when it's your real family that you're with.

Kaya naman, my Instagram hashtag for the week is: #HayipMayFamilyTrip.  HAHAHA!