Friday's 10 Happy Things 2018 | Vol. 1

First Friday of the year! Woohoo!

  1. Opening the year for the 11th year in a row with Raymond!

  2. Random date nights this week.

  3. Starting new planners and using one each for work and personal stuff. Hopefully I'll keep it up and not merge both into one planner in the middle of the year.

  4. Blogging everyday for 5 days in a row now!

  5. Trying my best (and kind of succeeding, so far) not to break my "resolutions".

  6. A super relaxing massage I got to end my first work week.

  7. Sir Mico's Christmas gift. He gave me a backpack that I can use for traveling! Weeee.

  8. Driving around at midnight.

  9. "First day" of work ended up being a kinda free day because really, who would work on the second day of the year???

  10. My blog's new look and my new "logo". I know I've changed it for like the Nth time already but I'm keeping this one, promise!