Friday's 10 Happy Things | #8

It's FINALLY Friday! This week felt SO long, I'm dreading the next week already.

10 things that made me happy this week:

  1. It's PAYDAY FRIDAY. Yeahhhhh I know you're rejoicing with me! Who else had less than 300 pesos in their wallets yesterday? Put your hands up!

  2. Major campaign presentations done and over with! Except for the revisions for Monday, but at least everything's been presented and approved (I think, I hope) already. Yey yey!

  3. A LOT of people LOVING Last Night. I'm just so happy about this reunion and I'm happier that people are receiving the movie well despite its dark premise.

  4. New baby, that's why I'm kind of sinisipag na mag-blog ulit! Hahahaha.

  5. This Time Capsule playlist from Spotify. Seriously, it's scary how Spotify knows me so well! The tracks brought me right back to high school.

  6. Seven Sundays rushes. It's heart-warming, may kurot, and you'll definitely see yourself and your family in the Bonifacios. And need I mention? Tito Aga is back, and it's like he never even left acting. I started bawling and he hasn't even started crying -- his voice just cracked! Hahaha OA, pero seryoso.

  7. Min min!!! He's sooo cute. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon isn't on top of my favorite K-drama list, but PHS made me want to finish 'til the end.

  8. This planner from Rifle Paper Co. Hopefully, it gets here in time so I can start using it by October. It's a 17-month planner so the August and September sections might just be used for notes. HAHA! It's so pretty!!!

  9. Saab Magalona is having twins!!! I started reading her blog noong Incugirl days pa, and I haven't stopped since. Just like I mentioned in my comment to the blog post, it felt like it was my best friend telling me the news. I'm so happy for her!

  10. Moira's song Huling Gabi. Super love her.