[Fiction] The Girl

"I'm so happy for you!" I muttered, smiling as wide as I can, wishing that my face showed what my mouth was saying. Deep inside though, my heart broke a little. I felt like I swallowed a freaking rock, and I stopped myself from saying another word because my voice just might crack.

"Me too, I'm happy. I really am," you replied. And every bit of your face showed that you were -- genuinely, utterly happy. Happy that you found the girl that would start doing the things that I used to do for you. The girl that will text you first thing in the morning. The girl that you will pick up, drop off, have dates with, and just want to be with all the time. The girl that you will call when you need someone, or when you just want to talk. The first girl that you will think of when buying Christmas gifts. The last girl you'll text goodnight, because she too, will be the last thought that will cross your mind.

The girl...

That used to be me.