February Favorites 2018

  1. Google Calendar - I didn't believe in the powers of Google Calendar at first -- I still stuck to my traditional physical planner and color-coded pens + highlighters combination, but one day, I decided to just try it out and copied over all my schedule and within just a week of using it, I was S O L D. Well, Google Calendar is free lol. The convenience of looking at everything at a glance and having my schedule on all my devices made it so convenient! And color-coding everything made me feel so organized, I completely skipped out on writing stuff on my physical planner now.

  2. Hello Kitty card case - Ordered this from Sanrio Japan and I completely abandoned my large wallet for it! I love wallets that I can attach to my wrist, and this one's just so cute and convenient. I sometimes go to places with just this and my phone.

  3. Viber for desktop - Viber is an important tool for my job, and sending a bulk of photos and videos to different groups are easier with the desktop app. Just select everything you're going to send, click forward, and you can send it all at once to multiple groups! Amazing, right?

  4. White Hello Kitty hoodie - This was my boyfriend's sister's pasalubong to me from Japan and I L O V E it! It's so comfy and baggy, I can wear it with the Philippine weather and not be sweating at all. The only problem I have with it is it's white -- and I'm a messy person, so imagine how careful I have to be when eating when I'm wearing it. Haha!

  5. Posh Pocket Shoes - This has easily become my everyday work shoes, I want to buy all styles and colors!

  6. Meike 35mm lens - Purchased this for our Taiwan trip but it didn't arrive on time, so I ended up using it for some events and work guestings and I immediately fell in love with it. It's a cheap lens but the quality's so good! It's just hard to focus on moving objects sometimes and it's a pain to manually adjust settings but the final photos are worth it.

  7. McCafe iced mocha - I've skipped so much on Starbucks because of this. For half the price of a Starbucks drink, this gives me the same amount of caffeine boost I need every morning before work.

  8. Midnight Runners - PSJ. Enough said.

'Til next month!