Fantastic Start to my Work Year

2nd work day of 2019 and I didn’t realize I was practically a walking pink lady until I got in the car and accidentally opened my camera.


Pink dress, pink water bottle, pink bag — this is SO UNLIKE me. I couldn’t turn back anymore so I just went with it, good thing I was wearing plain white shoes. Lol! Quite a few meetings today so it kind of felt like I’m really back, but not quite. Sobrang para akong diesel… I don’t feel like thinking at all. I wish I could get back to the daily grind as soon as I can though, I just feel like this is going to be a challenging year for me, having no plans whatsoever. And I just realized how much that fact bothered me just now, because I keep mentioning it — which means I have to change that fact sooner or later.

Anyway, it was a pretty busy day, good thing my God son Kyle was in the office to make things lighter. I mean, look at him chilling on the office floor. I just wanted to tell him — Same, baby. SAME. Haha. Exactly what I was feeling at the time. You could just see in his face how done he was. So funny.

Highlight of the day was… drum roll K-BBQ! Yummerz. I missed the unli samgyupsal! Hahahaha. Celebrated the success of Fantastica by having dinner at Fantastic Baka with the whole team. Thankful for our bosses who appreciated our hard work. Also thankful to EVERYONE who watched our movie and made it #1! We are happy that we made YOU happy. Salamat, madlang pipol! :)