Something New

Gaaaaahd I am BURIED with backlogs for this blog I don't even know how to keep this updated anymore! But but but, it's my birthday today and guess what? I'm at work! Lels.

Anyway, since it's my birthday and I couldn't keep up with my written daily journal, I decided why not bring back the old school style of blogging -- the narrating what happened to my day Xanga-ish, Live Journal type, posting every day because it's faster to type than to write anyway?

OMG as I was typing this entry I decided to search my Live Journal and IT'S STILL ALIVE. But damn I already forgot which email address I used huhuhu so sad.

Anyhoooo, going back to what I was saying earlier -- I want to bring that back you know? When blogging was like writing on your journal except it's online for everyone to see (and these days, judge you or question your thoughts and opinions because everyone is just soooooo smart and brave hiding behind the screens of whatever device they're using -- but that's for another entry :P). When you actually make online friends because you read and know so much about their lives already. I really miss that.

So yes, I'm going to do just that starting today. I'm not saying I'm probably going to be able to do it every single day, but I'll try. Be it just a bulleted list of what I did that day, or just a short rant about something that annoyed me -- basically anything under the sun because oo nga naman, this is a PERSONAL blog after all. I'm free to post anything I want because you, dear reader, are just taking a peek into my life.

Welcome to my adventures as an almost-30-year-old girl working in the showbiz industry who has a lot of thoughts and comments about everything which you'll most likely read about from now on! YEY!