A Day for TRS

Well hello there!

Yet again, I couldn't keep up with the blog entries. No matter what prompt/category I make up or use just to get myself to start writing, I never get to keep up. There are just SO MANY THINGS TO DO, especially now that I'll start (online) school in a week. Whew :(

Maybe I should allot like an hour a day just to work on my blog, yeah? Regardless if I get to publish an entry or not. Just write and edit photos or whatever. Just blog work.

Let's see if that works.


Today, I sat down in a meeting the moment I got to the office to prepare for a 2 pm campaign presentation. Been craving KFC so we ordered take out for lunch. So happy about that.

By 2 pm we were already in the boardroom. Started the presentation at 2:30 pm and guess what, we finished by 4:45. SO. TIRED. I mean, seriously -- 2 hours for a campaign? Anubaaa. At the end of it, we still had to revise and re-present the campaign on Monday. Amazing.

Wanted to get milk tea after the presentation but I (yet again) had to sit down for another meeting. Then, I started on another deck to be presented tomorrow. Whoa, right? I think I worked on like more or less 10 decks this week. HAHAHA! The 3rd and 4th quarters of the year has always been the busiest. 3-4 films a month is no freaking joke. I'm like a walking zombie going to work and going home every day.

Had dinner with Sir Mico at Kwentong Bagnet, then went home and continued working on the deck for tomorrow.

UPDATE: It's 2 am and I just finished the deck. Woohoo! Now writing this update just because I want to and I miss my blog! I just realized I'm just rambling and complaining in this entry so please bear with it. Or like, just don't read it. HAHA. BYE!