D4: Daniel Padilla Back at the Araneta

This post is long overdue but at least it didn’t take a month to put it up, right? Well yeah, almost. Haha!

Just like what I said on my Instagram post, D4: Daniel Padilla Back at the Araneta is easily my favorite out of all of DJ’s other concerts. You can tell he personally picked the songs he performed and that he also really enjoyed being on stage!

We got a little taste of his lineup during one dinner party — but back then, we had no idea that he’ll be singing the same songs, so it was such a pleasant surprise when he started performing those same songs one by one.

Apart from singing along and really just enjoying the night, I also really loved taking these photos —even happier now that I’m sharing it for everyone to see! I suuuuper love the colors the lights produced, kind of just making its own filter and light leaks for every image.


Looking out to the crowd at the Araneta Coliseum.

Such a happy face on Daniel Padilla. And dancing!


First guest of the night was none other than Jericho Rosales! They sang Crazy Little Thing Called Love and then Jericho stayed on for a solo performance.


Just look at how the lights put a filter on these photos! No edits here!

This is the part where he sat on the steps and sang for Kathryn Bernardo. I mean, how romantic???

These photos were taken before she started tearing up (because really, who wouldn’t)!


Waving to the mosh pit crowd! Haha kyot.

Last outfit change and my favorite out of the three!

And here are the last photos before Daniel Padilla went back on stage for the encore. What an awesome show — especially the movie theme songs part. Super enjoyed just looking back and realising that I worked with him on all his movies. Wow.

Congratulations for such a successful concert, DJ!