Crossing Point

We've all been here. Everyone who has gone through relationships, or pseudo-relationships has felt this. The rise and fall and the crossing point of our emotions, of our feelings... it happens.

Trust Wong Fu to perfectly analyze and explain love and relationships with their short films. Their biggest one to date, Strangers Again has almost 18M views already and every time I watch it, it's like the first time. I cry, I realize things...

This short gave me the same exact feels. I knew and experienced everything in it, but the way Wong Fu put everything in perspective just amazed me.

Pretty soon, the guy who looked forward to conference calls with me will find excuses to hang up. And the girl who avoided you for weeks, will cry over losing you. I'll toil over how someone who was so anxious to be with me could become so indifferent. Where did those emotions go? What happens to that wonder? Why does interest inevitably diminish after the start of a relationship? You got me, is that all you wanted? Did you not want to keep me?